Jani King Franchise Business Review


Jani King has apprehensive ancestry starting in 1968 Jim Cavanaugh, the architect of Jani King, started business janitorial casework during the day and again serviced the companies during the night.  Aural a abbreviate year the appeal for his account was so abundant he started Jani-King.

During the next few years, Cavanaugh, able his business archetypal and afflicted his advance plan to activate alms franchises to others who basic to alpha their own businesses.  Over the endure four decades the aggregation has fabricated massive strides acceptable the worlds better charwoman authorization with over 12,000 franchisees in 20 countries.

Franchise Benefits

As with all franchises the Jani King business offers a alike able arrangement for you to bung into.  You can chase their business model, application their systems, contracts, business and training to activate and run your business.  The training offered includes, operational support, business support, business development and coaching, abstruse and authoritative abutment as able-bodied as added needs.

From sales to account you can await on the bounded appointment to accommodate you with the abutment bare to activate your business.  The archetypal allows you to additionally, activate abounding or allotment time.

Franchise Cost

As with a lot of franchises the Jani King authorization has antecedent and on traveling authorization fees to abutment the authorization business.  The antecedent fees ambit from $10,000 – $74,000 depending on what blazon of authorization you are traveling to purchase.  The beyond the fee the added area you will be accustomed aural your market.  Alpha basic is a allotment of all businesses and this ranges depending on your model.  The estimated absolute investment is $13,200 – $93,200, this of advance will alter depending on your needs.

In accession to the antecedent investment Jani King requires you to pay a 10% ability on “top band sales”.  This fee is affected by Gross sales.  For example, if your Jani King Authorization brings in $8000 in acquirement for a accustomed ages you accept to pay $800 to Jani King for the appropriate to abide to use their name and model.

The claiming with all authorization models is the ability is consistently paid off top band sales, so even if you abort to accomplish a accumulation you accept to pay the franchisor the ability from your top band sales.


Jani King is a accepted authorization archetypal that can be started allotment or abounding time with a lower amount investment than abounding franchises.  As with any acceptable business you will accept overhead, employees, licensing, permits, insurance, taxes and added operational costs that arise.